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Immerse your organization in a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond traditional HR practices. Our tailored solutions empower individuals, teams, and leaders to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Want to invest in your team?

Are you ready to transform your workforce into a powerhouse of talent and innovation? Now is the time to invest in your team’s growth and development with our specialized Human Resource Development consultancy.

Strategic Talent Development

Identify and bridge skill gaps to enhance individual and team performance.

Leadership Dev't & Excellence

Provide personalized guidance to key executives for impactful leadership.

Learning & Development Programs

Stay ahead in a fast-paced world with cutting-edge training initiatives

Travel, Tourism & Culture

Travel to experience Africa, rich history, the food, the landmarks and learn new cultures

Who WeAre

Building a productive human resource

The goal of ORC international is to unleash the greatest gift to mankind ie. The spirit of Man. The greatest resource to Man is not gold, diamond, oil etc. Man’s greatest resource is in himself. The world is the way it is because Man is the way he is. What you value is where you focus. What is Man? This is a question that has not been properly answered and therefore men value every other resource apart from human life. ORC international is dedicated to building the forgotten resource that is Human Being.

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Enroll your team or business in our training programs

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Our tailored approach ensures that our Human Resource Development services align perfectly with your organization’s goals, fostering a thriving, engaged, and high-performing workforce.

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